Wednesday, February 11, 2009


The story begins in the midst of Autumn, when all the senior students of Black Hole University had just finished their final exam. The 7 popular students , Nicole the cute and flirty girl, Louie the cool trouble maker, Joan the extraordinarily intelligent girl, Mark the ultra weird and smart guy, Alice the beautiful blondie, Vince the captain of the basketball team, and last, Jo the funny guy. Alice was Louie's girlfriend, and Louie is best friends with Vince and Mark. Joan is pretty much a loner in the group, and Jo gets along with everyone. Nicole and Vince are also best pals.

But the most popular out of the bunch is Nicole.

One day, they all went to the mall together and planned to get into trouble. When they had just arrived, Nicole got a text message from anonymous which said:

Electric Chair
today, 1308 night

When Nicole read the text, at first she didn't believe it, so she didn't say anything to her friends, plus, it was a bit confusing not to mention weird. A few hours passed and Nicole had forgotten all about the message she got, and then at 19:00, Nicole had to go home , while everyone else continued to hang out at the mall.

Nicole arrived home at 19:20 and took a shower immediately and went out to dinner with her family. In the middle of her dinner, she got a phone call from Mark, saying that Jo died from electrocution. So, after Nicole went home, the others were hungry so they went to a cafe. The cafe was not crowded. The cafe had a free internet booth, so after they ate dinner, Jo wanted played the computer there. When Jo wanted to plug in his laptop to the socket, but, he didn't know that someone had poured water to the socket, so when he plugged his laptop, he was electrocuted and died at an instant.

At Jo's funeral, everyone were crying, and after that Nicole remembered about the text that she had received yesterday. Everyone but Joan were there. So, Nicole spoke to the bunch about the text, and Alice immediately scolded Nicole for not telling them sooner. Nicole apologized and said that she had thought that it was only a prank,Alice was Jo's best friend, after all. So, Nicole asked if there were anyone suspicious at the scene yesterday. After a brief silence, Vince spoke up and said that at the moment of the scene, Joan were the only one who weren't playing around with them, Joan were out to get something. But, Louie said that it was only an accident and they're not supposed to suspect Joan, after all, she is their friend, right?

A few days later, when Nicole was playing her computer, she got an e-mail , from xxx, which said:

today, 1708 evening

After receiving that mail, Nicole was afraid, very afraid and she quickly ran to her room and called Louie telling him about the mail she had gotten. Louie didn't believe it and angrily hung up the phone. He then went inside his apartment and started working out with the bench press.

( that afternoon, **** were spying on Louie , waiting for him to go out. **** knew that today was the day for Louie to go to his dentist appointment, and after Louie got out, **** immediately went in his apartment. After the deed is done , **** quickly ran out, and texted Nicole. The plan was perfect. )

So, Nicole called all her friends to come to Louie's apartment. Joan arrived first because her house isn't far from Louie's apartment. After that, everyone else came. Joan told them that she had pressed the bell many times before but no one answered. Mark then told them, that Louie had a spare key under the rug. But the key was gone. So, they decided to barge in and destroy the door. When they got inside, Louie was already dead , with the weight pressing on his neck. Alice was very shocked and passed out, while the guys tried to lift up the weights, Nicole called the ambulance and the police.

But it was too late.

At Louie's funeral, they all cried , but with fear if they are the next one to die. After that, they all rounded up and talked about what to do next. Everyone but Alice were there, apparently she was still in a state of shock after seeing that incident, Vince and Mark had to go home early too, because he had something to do. So, they didn't have a chance to talk much, really.

Nicole was even more afraid now, and she turned off her phone. But when she got home, she found something. A letter.

today, 2008 afternoon

After she read the letter, she was terrified and quickly told her friends to come to Alice's house together, NOW. When they arrived, Mark called Alice to tell her that they wanted to come to her house. Alice asked why did they come unexpectedly, because she wasn't feeling well. Then, Mark told her about the letter, Alice was extremely terrified and told them to come quickly. She was so afraid that she locked herself up in her room.

When they arrived, they rang the doorbell and shouted to Alice to let them in. From outside, everyone heard someone running and suddenly, GEDUBRAK, a loud bump was heard and the sound of the running subsided. Everyone were shocked and barged in the door again . What they saw terrified them all. Alice was on the floor with her head unnaturally turned 180 degrees around. This time, everyone shouted and ran out the door, while calling the police and the ambulance.

Death were almost immediate.

The next day, they all went to a friend's funeral for the third time. This time, no one cried. They were all very afraid. After the funeral, they all rounded up together and talked seriously about what to do. The answer is simple, there's nothing to do but wait for the next victim. Because the murder was perfect and clean, the murderer didn't leave a single clue for them and he or she made the murder look like an accident.

After that incident, they all decided that the murderer couldn't act when they're all together, so they planned to always go and be together most of the time to be safe.

But, nothing came to Nicole for a couple of days later. When Nicole thought that it was finally over, Nicole happily skipped to her locker to get her bags to go home. But, when she opened her locker, something fell out. A note.

Last Victim
tomorrow morning

After reading the note, Nicole became hysterical and shouted out of disbelief. She was very stressed out and decided that she should tell Vince directly. After she told Vince, Vince said calmly that they should have a sleepover at his house, to make sure that everyone is safe.

Nothing happened that night, and when they woke up , nobody died. Everyone were fine.

Wait a minute, what happened exactly? Everyone started to accuse one another. Nicole was accused, because it was her who always got the message, it could be her own doing, and Vince were also accused, because the key was found in his bag. But, Vince said that Mark also has the spare key, because they are best buds with Louie and usually go to his house to hang out after school. Because Nicole couldn't stand the fight, she went home and Vince followed her home.

At her house, Nicole decided to discuss the matter with Vince. Nicole thought that the killer must be Joan, because, the day Jo died, Joan was the only one that weren't there.

So, Nicole and Vince decided to investigate altogether.

That day, they went to the cafe where Jo died and asked to interview the waiter and waitresses there. The manager of the cafe said that a waiter has been fired because he had spilled water on the electric socket. When asked why , the waiter said that he had been paid to do so by someone, but, he didn't know who he or she was because it was sent by a note. So, they asked for the note, and got it. It was in handwriting. Why does it looks familiar?

After that, they went to Louie's house and checked his bench press, it turned out that there were a couple traces of the handle of the weights cut off, to make it frail. Wow, It must have been difficult for someone to make bruises on metal bars just like that.

Soon afterwards, they went to Alice's house to investigate. They found traces of liquid, some kind of oil.

Then, they went to Nicole's house to check the handwriting from the note. The relevance were clear. And the murderer was found.

But, they didn't tell Joan , Mark, Maam Ing

So, who is the murderer? Maam , cari tau sendiri ya Maam, kasi tau kita kalo udah tau.
Kalo Maam uda nebak, baru kita kasi tau yang bener n kelanjutan ceritanya ^^
Okeh? Pinter dong kita :D THINK! CRACK THE CASE!!!

CIA / 08
LIA / 12

" kasi clue ngga Li?"
" ngga usah, Maam Ing kan Pinter, (katanya) "
" wew. ya udah deh"