Tuesday, November 16, 2010


today i bailed 3 classes XDD
eyo, if we're given 3 chances to bail, why not use em?? haha

so this morning i went to the gym with my 2 cousins (oh i forgot to mention them :/) that came from New York for about.. 3 weeks now? on the 25th they and my aunt (from my mum's family) will go back.
yeah, so practically these past weeks i've been hanging out and accompanying them everywhere ==" (a.k.a driver).

ahem so we got to the gym at 920. and Harta told me that he wanted to shoot some hoops, and i told him that i wanted to run for a bit, and that i'll catch up with him later. So he and his sister went outside , to the court, while i start stretching and what not. since i'm not with my mum, i thought that i'd go for a longer run than usual.

not 15 minutes passed, Lisyet comes running and sobbing and crying to me, and incoherently babbles something about his brother hitting him with a basket ball. I immediately hop down from the machine and tries to calm and listen to her. it goes something like this:

* = sobs

Lis : ce*sobs* cia*sobs**sobs* bro *sobs* big bro *sobs* hit*sobs* me*sobs* he*sobs**sobs* hit *sobs* me!!
Me: what? uh. it's okay it's okay ( yeah, nice going cia ) there there~
- Harta stomps in the training room -
Harta : Lis, come here.
Lis: *sobs* NO
Harta: I'm gonna call aunty (my mom, apparently). come.here.now.
Me: uh. okay let's just go home a'it?
- fumbles with keys and phone and stuff-

yeah. so i just went to my car, with sweat cascading down my face like i've been walking through the rain or something. (i didn't bother with the towels) and just drove home in awkward silence. well no actually , Lis is still cries for a while.


at 6 went to PTC to hang out with the band mates!! xDD
since Rocky went back here from Manado! golly i missed him
it was sooo much fun, and really, time does fly. and we talked about a lotta stuff
mmh, tomorrow i'm gonna go with them again to the music studio, to help "L'incassable" ( our underclassman's band). coz they're going to enter a competition.

i don't know what i'm gonna do there, since the guitarist is probably 10x better than me O.O" lol

and~ i've just finished making a logo for Kath Tirza n Os' future company (gosh those Business students sure have it rough >.>) i mean really, building A COMPANY ?? geez slow down would ya?


oh, and yesterday i went to the therapist again, so i'm still pretty sore from all of that. but, the good news is, my shoulders are back in shape xD
well, not really. it still creaks and snaps around whenever i strain or turn them, but, it's more of a discomforting thing, rather than pain anymore. i don't think that it'll ever heal perfectly again.
but it's getting better. :)

Friday, November 12, 2010

interview.. right

sooooo , yesterday was finally (not) the SU interview day..
yaaaay (in a toneless voice)

before i say anything or everything, i just wanna say that, i love Jesus, my mum, dad, sister and dog. and i love my friends as well. please take care of my dog in case the SU crew burns my house after this, kills me, and throws my corpse in the river.

so here it goes
oh, in Indo (coz i'm too lazy rite now)

Me: halo
X: halo, ini felicia ya?
Me: iya, felicia.
Y: kamu tau nama kita sapa?
Me: ... enda ce..
X: kamu datang ke VCD gathering?
Me: datang.
Y: trus kok nda inget nama kita sapa?
Me: emm...
X: ya sudah, namanya de e *piiiip* , namaku *piiiiip*. diingat ya.
Me: iya ce..

X: kenapa mau masuk SU?
Me: soalnya mw belajar berorganisasi dan bersosialisasi.
X: di sini kamu tulis bahwa SU sudah baik dan kompak, suasana kekeluargaan sudah terasa, tapi kurang banyak acara?!?! (nada mulai.. ehem)
Me: oh.. iya ce, kan maksudku itu .. kaya anak" IBM tu sampe ke Batu klo gatheringnya, kita cuman di UC aja. gitu.
Y: (with an annoyed face) kamu sendiri tau kan, tugasnya anak VCD itu kaya gimana? belum lagi soal dananya.
Me: ..iya ce.. (dude why am i being scolded at for saying an opinion ==")
X: kamu emang sekarang nda kewalahan itu, sama tugas?
Me: oh, iya
Y: sudah kewalahan, ato sangat kewalahan?
Me: ha? oh, ya lumayan. soalnya aku nyicil ce.
X: oh, nyicil?
Me: iya, jdi nda lgsg sehari sebelumnya kerja. ak gamau klo misalnya smpe begadang" kerjain tugas, malas.
Y: oooo, ga suka bergadang ya. tunggu ntar ya, pasti tidurmu jam 4 jam stgh 5


X: oh, kecuali klo km pulang langsung ngerjain, nda ke PTC (sambil melihat ke Y dan senyum")

Y: ok lanjut. kalo misalnya, ada orang ato temenmu yang waktu kamu lagi ngasi pendapat, trus sama dia ditempal (dilawan) terus, kamu gimana?
Me: oh, yaa, ya udah , aku back down.
X: loh, berarti kamu pasrah???
Me: oh! nda gitu maksudku.
Y: lo trus??
Me: yaa, kalo misalnya temenku ya udah ta biarin aja, tp klo dia emg ga rasional ya ak lawan..
X: km suka debat?
Me: ndak.

X: trussss, klo misalnya km tiba" ada dapet sms disuru rapat SU dadakan, tpi ada tugas besok kmpul, trus ada telpon dri rumah, urusan urgent gitu, gimana?
Me: urusan keluarga apa ce?
Y: yaaa, urusan laah, kita nda mau nyumpahi soalnya.
Me: mm (well this is quite .. dumb actually to be blunt)
ya apa ya apa pasti ak pilih keluarga (DUHH), trus klo misalnya tugas sm SU mungkin sepantaran. (secara, aku masuk ke UC buat lulus dan kalo bisa kan dpt nilai bagus.. bukan krn mau masuk SU =.=")
Y: ooo yayaya

X: kalo misalnya ntar kamu keterima, mau jabatan apa?
Me: hah?
X: tuh, kan ada ketua, wakil, sekertaris, bendahara, bukdok(?) , dsb
Me: mm, kalo ketua wakil gitu" nda deh,ak gamau jabatan yg tinggi"
Y: jadi, kamu mau jadi bawahan?
Me: (okay, not that blunt , but, sure, whatever) .. iyaa..
X: (writing something) okok, ntar kalo keterima aku sms kamu
Me: yaa, makasih ce (for the mental torture and interrogation) , permisi.

hahah, well that's that
idk if they'll ask me to join after that interview =="
but, i guess they did it coz they want to see how I do under pressure?
i mean, those people looked nice, but yeah, the questions really made me.. felt super.. weak and tiny =="

Thursday, November 11, 2010

2010 first post! xD

haha, this is actually the first blog that i've made coz of the english project in high school.

but since my friends are making them now, i say, pffff, why not?? xD

BUT i do have a blog that i always update, kinda.
consider this blog, umm... secondary? lol
can't possibly manage to do both of them all the time :/
since, this blog is gonna be the normal everyday thing, not the private thing like the other one is haha, so, boo me all you want, but you're never gonna see my other blog. *smirk*

hmm.. what should i write about?
everyone seems to be writing about their life now in VCD?
should i write about that too? i mean, wouldn't that be boriing? XDD

AHA i know. ... wait, i don't. =="

ah might as well do the thing like everyone else.

life in VCD. here it goes

i have no other desire in me than to draw.
i mean, i probably was born holding a pencil XDD

now that i think about it, i was always the odd one out.
in highschool, my clique ( DB ) was going to the science division ( IPA ) except me , Fajar and Ardy.
well look at that, only 3 out of 12?? but wait, out of the girls, i was THE ONLY ONE going to the social division.

they all shunned me for it, coz the social division has this.. bad reputation about it.
but to hell with that! i've already decided that i'm gonna draw, so why bother with useless, i repeat, USELESS numbers and algebras, and chemical stuff and all that crap??

besides, being in the social division means that in the future, you'd be the BOSS. and the guys in the science division? they'll WORK for YOU ( in the social division )

so you see? XDD LOL I'M BEING VERY EVIL RIGHT NOW BUT I DON"T CARE. oh, and my other 9 best buds that went in the science division? look what they're taking now? kath and Jemmy is taking IBM, Melisa is taking Hotel Management, Melon and Edward is taking Architecture, Bebe is taking Accounting, Ito is taking DKV too. with the exception of Alex ,Mami and Fajar who is actually using those stuff they learnt in high school.

Those stuff are actually pretty useful, if not very. But it's just not my thing.
And I've been through quite some ordeal about this, so excuse me for being upright blunt =="

get the hitch? why strive and work off your butt that hard in high school when you're gonna take business ( supposedly for the graduates of social division students ) haha

well that's that. whoa pretty long rant, ain't it? xD

... and nothing to do with my life with VCD.. OKAY

here's what it's really like.

at first i didn't think that i'd be getting along too well with other people.
since the students in UC are supposedly (from what i've heard), SPOILED, RICH, ARROGANT, LADY PLAYER, FOUL-MOUTHED, momma boys.

BUT. turns out that i was wrong. :0

i found out that the VCD department are filled with CRAZY, ALAY, FREAKY, CRAZY ( have i said that already?) people.

everyday is an adventure, everyday i learn a new thing, and everyday i feel blessed.
i feel blessed for having this much fun, learning what i love, and doing what i wanna do, AND having lovely companies along the way.

so far, i've gotten to know probably about 1/3 of the entire VCD student, since i sit in the corner, and on the far front of class. but that didn't stop these people making my day crazier and corrupting my mind with crazy stuff all day long.

these are those people, and with them, i've created a tag line x)

Devlin - the black hole
Fandi - humongousaur (if that is even a word ==)
Agus - haaaai.. guy
Wawan - sexy eyebrows
Edwin - Hongkong mafia guy
Wilem - ... swt
Maureen - the "idon'tneedsleepMUHAHA" girl
Elly - truth seeker
Lisa - cute-stuff-i-must-have
Calla - dora.

uh and, my head .. is hurting. lemme stop.

okay, so that about wraps up my blog for today.
haha, i hope it's of use to those who read this (though i doubt so) LOL

and g'day everybody
RedKid signing out x)