Tuesday, November 16, 2010


today i bailed 3 classes XDD
eyo, if we're given 3 chances to bail, why not use em?? haha

so this morning i went to the gym with my 2 cousins (oh i forgot to mention them :/) that came from New York for about.. 3 weeks now? on the 25th they and my aunt (from my mum's family) will go back.
yeah, so practically these past weeks i've been hanging out and accompanying them everywhere ==" (a.k.a driver).

ahem so we got to the gym at 920. and Harta told me that he wanted to shoot some hoops, and i told him that i wanted to run for a bit, and that i'll catch up with him later. So he and his sister went outside , to the court, while i start stretching and what not. since i'm not with my mum, i thought that i'd go for a longer run than usual.

not 15 minutes passed, Lisyet comes running and sobbing and crying to me, and incoherently babbles something about his brother hitting him with a basket ball. I immediately hop down from the machine and tries to calm and listen to her. it goes something like this:

* = sobs

Lis : ce*sobs* cia*sobs**sobs* bro *sobs* big bro *sobs* hit*sobs* me*sobs* he*sobs**sobs* hit *sobs* me!!
Me: what? uh. it's okay it's okay ( yeah, nice going cia ) there there~
- Harta stomps in the training room -
Harta : Lis, come here.
Lis: *sobs* NO
Harta: I'm gonna call aunty (my mom, apparently). come.here.now.
Me: uh. okay let's just go home a'it?
- fumbles with keys and phone and stuff-

yeah. so i just went to my car, with sweat cascading down my face like i've been walking through the rain or something. (i didn't bother with the towels) and just drove home in awkward silence. well no actually , Lis is still cries for a while.


at 6 went to PTC to hang out with the band mates!! xDD
since Rocky went back here from Manado! golly i missed him
it was sooo much fun, and really, time does fly. and we talked about a lotta stuff
mmh, tomorrow i'm gonna go with them again to the music studio, to help "L'incassable" ( our underclassman's band). coz they're going to enter a competition.

i don't know what i'm gonna do there, since the guitarist is probably 10x better than me O.O" lol

and~ i've just finished making a logo for Kath Tirza n Os' future company (gosh those Business students sure have it rough >.>) i mean really, building A COMPANY ?? geez slow down would ya?


oh, and yesterday i went to the therapist again, so i'm still pretty sore from all of that. but, the good news is, my shoulders are back in shape xD
well, not really. it still creaks and snaps around whenever i strain or turn them, but, it's more of a discomforting thing, rather than pain anymore. i don't think that it'll ever heal perfectly again.
but it's getting better. :)

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