Tuesday, November 16, 2010


today i bailed 3 classes XDD
eyo, if we're given 3 chances to bail, why not use em?? haha

so this morning i went to the gym with my 2 cousins (oh i forgot to mention them :/) that came from New York for about.. 3 weeks now? on the 25th they and my aunt (from my mum's family) will go back.
yeah, so practically these past weeks i've been hanging out and accompanying them everywhere ==" (a.k.a driver).

ahem so we got to the gym at 920. and Harta told me that he wanted to shoot some hoops, and i told him that i wanted to run for a bit, and that i'll catch up with him later. So he and his sister went outside , to the court, while i start stretching and what not. since i'm not with my mum, i thought that i'd go for a longer run than usual.

not 15 minutes passed, Lisyet comes running and sobbing and crying to me, and incoherently babbles something about his brother hitting him with a basket ball. I immediately hop down from the machine and tries to calm and listen to her. it goes something like this:

* = sobs

Lis : ce*sobs* cia*sobs**sobs* bro *sobs* big bro *sobs* hit*sobs* me*sobs* he*sobs**sobs* hit *sobs* me!!
Me: what? uh. it's okay it's okay ( yeah, nice going cia ) there there~
- Harta stomps in the training room -
Harta : Lis, come here.
Lis: *sobs* NO
Harta: I'm gonna call aunty (my mom, apparently). come.here.now.
Me: uh. okay let's just go home a'it?
- fumbles with keys and phone and stuff-

yeah. so i just went to my car, with sweat cascading down my face like i've been walking through the rain or something. (i didn't bother with the towels) and just drove home in awkward silence. well no actually , Lis is still cries for a while.


at 6 went to PTC to hang out with the band mates!! xDD
since Rocky went back here from Manado! golly i missed him
it was sooo much fun, and really, time does fly. and we talked about a lotta stuff
mmh, tomorrow i'm gonna go with them again to the music studio, to help "L'incassable" ( our underclassman's band). coz they're going to enter a competition.

i don't know what i'm gonna do there, since the guitarist is probably 10x better than me O.O" lol

and~ i've just finished making a logo for Kath Tirza n Os' future company (gosh those Business students sure have it rough >.>) i mean really, building A COMPANY ?? geez slow down would ya?


oh, and yesterday i went to the therapist again, so i'm still pretty sore from all of that. but, the good news is, my shoulders are back in shape xD
well, not really. it still creaks and snaps around whenever i strain or turn them, but, it's more of a discomforting thing, rather than pain anymore. i don't think that it'll ever heal perfectly again.
but it's getting better. :)

Friday, November 12, 2010

interview.. right

sooooo , yesterday was finally (not) the SU interview day..
yaaaay (in a toneless voice)

before i say anything or everything, i just wanna say that, i love Jesus, my mum, dad, sister and dog. and i love my friends as well. please take care of my dog in case the SU crew burns my house after this, kills me, and throws my corpse in the river.

so here it goes
oh, in Indo (coz i'm too lazy rite now)

Me: halo
X: halo, ini felicia ya?
Me: iya, felicia.
Y: kamu tau nama kita sapa?
Me: ... enda ce..
X: kamu datang ke VCD gathering?
Me: datang.
Y: trus kok nda inget nama kita sapa?
Me: emm...
X: ya sudah, namanya de e *piiiip* , namaku *piiiiip*. diingat ya.
Me: iya ce..

X: kenapa mau masuk SU?
Me: soalnya mw belajar berorganisasi dan bersosialisasi.
X: di sini kamu tulis bahwa SU sudah baik dan kompak, suasana kekeluargaan sudah terasa, tapi kurang banyak acara?!?! (nada mulai.. ehem)
Me: oh.. iya ce, kan maksudku itu .. kaya anak" IBM tu sampe ke Batu klo gatheringnya, kita cuman di UC aja. gitu.
Y: (with an annoyed face) kamu sendiri tau kan, tugasnya anak VCD itu kaya gimana? belum lagi soal dananya.
Me: ..iya ce.. (dude why am i being scolded at for saying an opinion ==")
X: kamu emang sekarang nda kewalahan itu, sama tugas?
Me: oh, iya
Y: sudah kewalahan, ato sangat kewalahan?
Me: ha? oh, ya lumayan. soalnya aku nyicil ce.
X: oh, nyicil?
Me: iya, jdi nda lgsg sehari sebelumnya kerja. ak gamau klo misalnya smpe begadang" kerjain tugas, malas.
Y: oooo, ga suka bergadang ya. tunggu ntar ya, pasti tidurmu jam 4 jam stgh 5


X: oh, kecuali klo km pulang langsung ngerjain, nda ke PTC (sambil melihat ke Y dan senyum")

Y: ok lanjut. kalo misalnya, ada orang ato temenmu yang waktu kamu lagi ngasi pendapat, trus sama dia ditempal (dilawan) terus, kamu gimana?
Me: oh, yaa, ya udah , aku back down.
X: loh, berarti kamu pasrah???
Me: oh! nda gitu maksudku.
Y: lo trus??
Me: yaa, kalo misalnya temenku ya udah ta biarin aja, tp klo dia emg ga rasional ya ak lawan..
X: km suka debat?
Me: ndak.

X: trussss, klo misalnya km tiba" ada dapet sms disuru rapat SU dadakan, tpi ada tugas besok kmpul, trus ada telpon dri rumah, urusan urgent gitu, gimana?
Me: urusan keluarga apa ce?
Y: yaaa, urusan laah, kita nda mau nyumpahi soalnya.
Me: mm (well this is quite .. dumb actually to be blunt)
ya apa ya apa pasti ak pilih keluarga (DUHH), trus klo misalnya tugas sm SU mungkin sepantaran. (secara, aku masuk ke UC buat lulus dan kalo bisa kan dpt nilai bagus.. bukan krn mau masuk SU =.=")
Y: ooo yayaya

X: kalo misalnya ntar kamu keterima, mau jabatan apa?
Me: hah?
X: tuh, kan ada ketua, wakil, sekertaris, bendahara, bukdok(?) , dsb
Me: mm, kalo ketua wakil gitu" nda deh,ak gamau jabatan yg tinggi"
Y: jadi, kamu mau jadi bawahan?
Me: (okay, not that blunt , but, sure, whatever) .. iyaa..
X: (writing something) okok, ntar kalo keterima aku sms kamu
Me: yaa, makasih ce (for the mental torture and interrogation) , permisi.

hahah, well that's that
idk if they'll ask me to join after that interview =="
but, i guess they did it coz they want to see how I do under pressure?
i mean, those people looked nice, but yeah, the questions really made me.. felt super.. weak and tiny =="

Thursday, November 11, 2010

2010 first post! xD

haha, this is actually the first blog that i've made coz of the english project in high school.

but since my friends are making them now, i say, pffff, why not?? xD

BUT i do have a blog that i always update, kinda.
consider this blog, umm... secondary? lol
can't possibly manage to do both of them all the time :/
since, this blog is gonna be the normal everyday thing, not the private thing like the other one is haha, so, boo me all you want, but you're never gonna see my other blog. *smirk*

hmm.. what should i write about?
everyone seems to be writing about their life now in VCD?
should i write about that too? i mean, wouldn't that be boriing? XDD

AHA i know. ... wait, i don't. =="

ah might as well do the thing like everyone else.

life in VCD. here it goes

i have no other desire in me than to draw.
i mean, i probably was born holding a pencil XDD

now that i think about it, i was always the odd one out.
in highschool, my clique ( DB ) was going to the science division ( IPA ) except me , Fajar and Ardy.
well look at that, only 3 out of 12?? but wait, out of the girls, i was THE ONLY ONE going to the social division.

they all shunned me for it, coz the social division has this.. bad reputation about it.
but to hell with that! i've already decided that i'm gonna draw, so why bother with useless, i repeat, USELESS numbers and algebras, and chemical stuff and all that crap??

besides, being in the social division means that in the future, you'd be the BOSS. and the guys in the science division? they'll WORK for YOU ( in the social division )

so you see? XDD LOL I'M BEING VERY EVIL RIGHT NOW BUT I DON"T CARE. oh, and my other 9 best buds that went in the science division? look what they're taking now? kath and Jemmy is taking IBM, Melisa is taking Hotel Management, Melon and Edward is taking Architecture, Bebe is taking Accounting, Ito is taking DKV too. with the exception of Alex ,Mami and Fajar who is actually using those stuff they learnt in high school.

Those stuff are actually pretty useful, if not very. But it's just not my thing.
And I've been through quite some ordeal about this, so excuse me for being upright blunt =="

get the hitch? why strive and work off your butt that hard in high school when you're gonna take business ( supposedly for the graduates of social division students ) haha

well that's that. whoa pretty long rant, ain't it? xD

... and nothing to do with my life with VCD.. OKAY

here's what it's really like.

at first i didn't think that i'd be getting along too well with other people.
since the students in UC are supposedly (from what i've heard), SPOILED, RICH, ARROGANT, LADY PLAYER, FOUL-MOUTHED, momma boys.

BUT. turns out that i was wrong. :0

i found out that the VCD department are filled with CRAZY, ALAY, FREAKY, CRAZY ( have i said that already?) people.

everyday is an adventure, everyday i learn a new thing, and everyday i feel blessed.
i feel blessed for having this much fun, learning what i love, and doing what i wanna do, AND having lovely companies along the way.

so far, i've gotten to know probably about 1/3 of the entire VCD student, since i sit in the corner, and on the far front of class. but that didn't stop these people making my day crazier and corrupting my mind with crazy stuff all day long.

these are those people, and with them, i've created a tag line x)

Devlin - the black hole
Fandi - humongousaur (if that is even a word ==)
Agus - haaaai.. guy
Wawan - sexy eyebrows
Edwin - Hongkong mafia guy
Wilem - ... swt
Maureen - the "idon'tneedsleepMUHAHA" girl
Elly - truth seeker
Lisa - cute-stuff-i-must-have
Calla - dora.

uh and, my head .. is hurting. lemme stop.

okay, so that about wraps up my blog for today.
haha, i hope it's of use to those who read this (though i doubt so) LOL

and g'day everybody
RedKid signing out x)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


The story begins in the midst of Autumn, when all the senior students of Black Hole University had just finished their final exam. The 7 popular students , Nicole the cute and flirty girl, Louie the cool trouble maker, Joan the extraordinarily intelligent girl, Mark the ultra weird and smart guy, Alice the beautiful blondie, Vince the captain of the basketball team, and last, Jo the funny guy. Alice was Louie's girlfriend, and Louie is best friends with Vince and Mark. Joan is pretty much a loner in the group, and Jo gets along with everyone. Nicole and Vince are also best pals.

But the most popular out of the bunch is Nicole.

One day, they all went to the mall together and planned to get into trouble. When they had just arrived, Nicole got a text message from anonymous which said:

Electric Chair
today, 1308 night

When Nicole read the text, at first she didn't believe it, so she didn't say anything to her friends, plus, it was a bit confusing not to mention weird. A few hours passed and Nicole had forgotten all about the message she got, and then at 19:00, Nicole had to go home , while everyone else continued to hang out at the mall.

Nicole arrived home at 19:20 and took a shower immediately and went out to dinner with her family. In the middle of her dinner, she got a phone call from Mark, saying that Jo died from electrocution. So, after Nicole went home, the others were hungry so they went to a cafe. The cafe was not crowded. The cafe had a free internet booth, so after they ate dinner, Jo wanted played the computer there. When Jo wanted to plug in his laptop to the socket, but, he didn't know that someone had poured water to the socket, so when he plugged his laptop, he was electrocuted and died at an instant.

At Jo's funeral, everyone were crying, and after that Nicole remembered about the text that she had received yesterday. Everyone but Joan were there. So, Nicole spoke to the bunch about the text, and Alice immediately scolded Nicole for not telling them sooner. Nicole apologized and said that she had thought that it was only a prank,Alice was Jo's best friend, after all. So, Nicole asked if there were anyone suspicious at the scene yesterday. After a brief silence, Vince spoke up and said that at the moment of the scene, Joan were the only one who weren't playing around with them, Joan were out to get something. But, Louie said that it was only an accident and they're not supposed to suspect Joan, after all, she is their friend, right?

A few days later, when Nicole was playing her computer, she got an e-mail , from xxx, which said:

today, 1708 evening

After receiving that mail, Nicole was afraid, very afraid and she quickly ran to her room and called Louie telling him about the mail she had gotten. Louie didn't believe it and angrily hung up the phone. He then went inside his apartment and started working out with the bench press.

( that afternoon, **** were spying on Louie , waiting for him to go out. **** knew that today was the day for Louie to go to his dentist appointment, and after Louie got out, **** immediately went in his apartment. After the deed is done , **** quickly ran out, and texted Nicole. The plan was perfect. )

So, Nicole called all her friends to come to Louie's apartment. Joan arrived first because her house isn't far from Louie's apartment. After that, everyone else came. Joan told them that she had pressed the bell many times before but no one answered. Mark then told them, that Louie had a spare key under the rug. But the key was gone. So, they decided to barge in and destroy the door. When they got inside, Louie was already dead , with the weight pressing on his neck. Alice was very shocked and passed out, while the guys tried to lift up the weights, Nicole called the ambulance and the police.

But it was too late.

At Louie's funeral, they all cried , but with fear if they are the next one to die. After that, they all rounded up and talked about what to do next. Everyone but Alice were there, apparently she was still in a state of shock after seeing that incident, Vince and Mark had to go home early too, because he had something to do. So, they didn't have a chance to talk much, really.

Nicole was even more afraid now, and she turned off her phone. But when she got home, she found something. A letter.

today, 2008 afternoon

After she read the letter, she was terrified and quickly told her friends to come to Alice's house together, NOW. When they arrived, Mark called Alice to tell her that they wanted to come to her house. Alice asked why did they come unexpectedly, because she wasn't feeling well. Then, Mark told her about the letter, Alice was extremely terrified and told them to come quickly. She was so afraid that she locked herself up in her room.

When they arrived, they rang the doorbell and shouted to Alice to let them in. From outside, everyone heard someone running and suddenly, GEDUBRAK, a loud bump was heard and the sound of the running subsided. Everyone were shocked and barged in the door again . What they saw terrified them all. Alice was on the floor with her head unnaturally turned 180 degrees around. This time, everyone shouted and ran out the door, while calling the police and the ambulance.

Death were almost immediate.

The next day, they all went to a friend's funeral for the third time. This time, no one cried. They were all very afraid. After the funeral, they all rounded up together and talked seriously about what to do. The answer is simple, there's nothing to do but wait for the next victim. Because the murder was perfect and clean, the murderer didn't leave a single clue for them and he or she made the murder look like an accident.

After that incident, they all decided that the murderer couldn't act when they're all together, so they planned to always go and be together most of the time to be safe.

But, nothing came to Nicole for a couple of days later. When Nicole thought that it was finally over, Nicole happily skipped to her locker to get her bags to go home. But, when she opened her locker, something fell out. A note.

Last Victim
tomorrow morning

After reading the note, Nicole became hysterical and shouted out of disbelief. She was very stressed out and decided that she should tell Vince directly. After she told Vince, Vince said calmly that they should have a sleepover at his house, to make sure that everyone is safe.

Nothing happened that night, and when they woke up , nobody died. Everyone were fine.

Wait a minute, what happened exactly? Everyone started to accuse one another. Nicole was accused, because it was her who always got the message, it could be her own doing, and Vince were also accused, because the key was found in his bag. But, Vince said that Mark also has the spare key, because they are best buds with Louie and usually go to his house to hang out after school. Because Nicole couldn't stand the fight, she went home and Vince followed her home.

At her house, Nicole decided to discuss the matter with Vince. Nicole thought that the killer must be Joan, because, the day Jo died, Joan was the only one that weren't there.

So, Nicole and Vince decided to investigate altogether.

That day, they went to the cafe where Jo died and asked to interview the waiter and waitresses there. The manager of the cafe said that a waiter has been fired because he had spilled water on the electric socket. When asked why , the waiter said that he had been paid to do so by someone, but, he didn't know who he or she was because it was sent by a note. So, they asked for the note, and got it. It was in handwriting. Why does it looks familiar?

After that, they went to Louie's house and checked his bench press, it turned out that there were a couple traces of the handle of the weights cut off, to make it frail. Wow, It must have been difficult for someone to make bruises on metal bars just like that.

Soon afterwards, they went to Alice's house to investigate. They found traces of liquid, some kind of oil.

Then, they went to Nicole's house to check the handwriting from the note. The relevance were clear. And the murderer was found.

But, they didn't tell Joan , Mark, Maam Ing

So, who is the murderer? Maam , cari tau sendiri ya Maam, kasi tau kita kalo udah tau.
Kalo Maam uda nebak, baru kita kasi tau yang bener n kelanjutan ceritanya ^^
Okeh? Pinter dong kita :D THINK! CRACK THE CASE!!!

CIA / 08
LIA / 12

" kasi clue ngga Li?"
" ngga usah, Maam Ing kan Pinter, (katanya) "
" wew. ya udah deh"

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


This is for PERSONAL USE ONLY!!! NO nagging and telling on about the persons I mentioned below!! hahahahah.. CIA RULES!! THIS IS MY BLOG, SO, FOLLOW MY RULEZ!! hahahah..

Oh! I almost forgot! The first blog is the one furthest below! Please read that first, because the blogs are .. umm.. continued? hahahah.. well.. you'll understand better if you read it that way..

Last.. Please enjoy my writings and have fun with it! ( Though I'm not sure how ! ) hahahaha.. please leave comments.. any comments will do :D though, I will surely appreciate if you leave your name on your comment :)



What should I do??? No more topics??!?!

So far, I've done Family, Friends and also Traveling.. that leaves me with.. nothing! What? How could.. ? Well.. after thinking for oooh so long.. ( about 30 seconds ), I've decided to go with another post about... ALL OF THEM! For the first part, I think I'll write about the incident where Tasya really made me wanna rip my head apart!! And then.. well.. Oh! about the incident in KL .. that's about traveling.. right? RIGHT! And the last part.. hmm.. if I'm not to tired.. I'll write about a childhood "friend" that.. ooh.. makes you go woo hoo.. Okay! Let's Start!

Okay, So, if you've read the blog about my family, surely you'll notice.. only a hint.. of me , not liking my last sister, Tasya.. ( Only a bit.. not much .. :D ) What started it? What triggered my hate for her?? hmm.. wanna know? of course you DO! hahahah... okay.. so, when she was about 2 years, I think,.. my father had a client from Singapore and he went there for a week or so.. When he finally went back home, I was the first one to greet him, " welcome home! " like that.., you know what he said? " yeah yeah, I'm home.. "WHAT?!? At first, I thought he was extremely tired, to reply to my lovely greeting , but as I began to look closely, he wasn't holding his usual suitcase, he was holding 2 bags of Kiddy Tots , a really really big one.. ! Then , what did he do?!?!?! He went STRAIGHT to Tasya's room and says really motherly? (?!?!) " Hi Tasya... I'm Home!!! " WHAAAAAAAAAAT THEEEE HEEEEEELLLL!!!! And you know what he does next? He showers her with presents!! 3!! I repeat, 3!!! Let me remember.. hmm.. the first one is the ball that can sing annoyingly if you touch it, the next one is the spiral.. ball .. thingy.. I don't know! and the last one is.. a plush toy? If I'm not mistaken!! My jaws literally dropped to the floor! I've never gotten 3 toys at once! Not ever!! But then, I thought, Oh! If my father bought HER 3 things, that means I got something too! So, I asked him, you know what he replied? "Oh, I've bought you a supply of CETAPHIL ( me and Fanny need it for our dry skin ) soap for a year, so that you won't run out of it." ... WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!!! She!! She!! She got 3 really nice toys, and what do I got???!?!?! Soaps. For a year. It's too funny!!!!!! OMG!!!!

Okay, so that's why I really can't stand my sister!!! GRRRRRHHH!!! ahahahahah..!!! the weird thing is, Fanny ( my first sister ) didn't mind getting a bunch of soaps for souvenirs?? She's an air head.. hahahah.. or maybe.. too nice .. like me :D hahahahah..

Right! The next story!! Lets move on!! Okay, this is about when we traveled to Malaysia, to Kuala Lumpur to be exact.. in.. umm 2006? yup yup.. okay, so we went there, me, my parents, my 2 sisters and her babysitter.. how nice.. a maid gets to go to KL?? wao! hahahah.. well anyway.. One day, we decided to check out a mall called KLCC ( Kuala Lumpur.. C .. something.. ) well, enough about that, so, the mall was really really big, it had 7 floors? yup.. and at 2, we've gone through almost all the floors and we were excruciatingly suffering from hunger.. hahahah.. too exaggerating? well.. that's what my teacher told me to do, right? hahahah.. okay, so, we decided to stop and to have lunch before our hearts and livers suffer further complications ( hahahah.. :P ) , The thing is, me and my sister wanted to eat Japanese.. because we LOOOVE Japanese.. so nice.. ehem! My parents are SICK of Japanese food, as we eat it almost everyday whenever we go travelling, so my parents wanted to eat European food.. so, we decided to split up.. so that no blood will be spilt in KL.. hahahah.. so, my Dad gave me and my sister money and also, he gave Tasya's maid money too.. Oh! Tasya has to eat porridge so she has to eat Chinese... The Chinese restaurant were near the Japanese one, where me and my sister planned to eat.. so there.. my parents walked off and me and my sister ran to the restaurants as our stomach constantly made disturbing noises such as " UURGGH .. PUUUNG.. " I can't really describe it in words, can I? :) Anyway, fastforwarding.. Me , Fanny and my parents meet up at the Japanese restaurant after we finished lunch.. but we can't seem to find Tasya and her maid!! What!! OMG!! I knoW!!! We searched for almost 2 hours! Looking in each possible floor! Me and my sister, Fanny, we parted our jobs, I was to look in the 4th until the 7th floor, while Fanny, the 1st until the 3rd floor.. My mum and dad were busy filling in registration in the information centre.. My mum panicked and was utterly shocked! Poor mummy.. well, to make the long story short :D.. We finally found them.. you know where they were?? They were at the hotel!! Because they tried to go to the European restaurant where my parents were eating, but they got lost instead and by the time they got back to the Chinese restaurant, we were all busy in the information booth! Fuuh.. so much for KLCC.. :D

Okay! It turns out that I'm not that tired!! So.. I'm gonna continue on the last story!! About my childhood "friend".. He's a boy.. I'm sure that everyone from my Junior High School knows this guy.. 'coz.. he is like.. umm.. how to put it.. WEIRD in every single way..!!! Actually me.. and mr. X.. ehem.. we go wayyyy.. wayy... back in kindergarden.. oh! I went to kindergarden twice! Because my age wasn't enough to go to Elementary School.. so.. okay then.. back to mr. X.. he is smart.. I can say that.. because.. to be blunt.. he is .. a nerd. He always puts in his shirt more than needed! And he does that even outside school.. it's .. just too embarassing.. and that's not the major problem.. THE MAJOR PROBLEM.. is that he likes to.. FART and PICK HIS NOSE IN PUBLIC!! OMG!! What has gotten into this guy!!!!! I remember that me and my close guy friends used to tease and bully him everyday!! We called him.. umm.. KING BOOGEY.. and .. we like to use sarcasm towards him! Like.. " Eww.. you have no shame huh?" or "WOW!That's a really cool thing " or such! hahahah.. but! It's not that we're mean or something.. it's just that.. we've tried to tell him numerous times already that what he does is TOTALLY GROSS!!! EWWW.. The Gross-est part is!! That after he picks his nose, he swabs his fingers ON THE WALL!!! OH MY!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT THE!!!!!! THAT IS simply!! Unacceptable !! That's.. uuugh.. really really gross, right? That's why .. WE have the right to bully and tease him!! hahahah.. no no.. just joking.. eww.. really gross.. please.. people PEOPLE!! It's ALLOWED to pick your nose.. but PLEASE! Do it somewhere people CAN'T SEE YOU!! And AlSO!! WASH YOUR HANDS THROUGHLY AFTER THAT! DON'T SWAB IT ON THE WALL TO CLEAN YOUR FRIGGIN' HANDS!!!! guuuh... I think I've let it out really well, haven't I? hahahaha... Well.. unfortunately.. this .. Mr. X went to a different high school.. so I can't tease nor I can bully him anymore.. hahahaha.. which is a great thing.. because I can do less sin.. hahahahah.. :D

OKAAAAAYYY>>>>... May I say that the last 2 and a half hours I've worked on the blog has been fun.. hahahahah.. not to mention shockingly tiring.. I haven't even taken a shower.. I'm still in my school uniform.. for your information.. hahahah.. Right.. Thank you! English Teacher.. for assigning this incredibly fun task! I mean it! It's better than to make grammar tasks or boring stuffs like that .. for me! :D THANK YOU!! God Bless You ALL!!!!


Travel.. ooohh... tiring but fun :D

Yup! Traveling!!!!!!! Who doesn't like travelling, raise your hand!! YOU!! Wait, I can't see you.. hahahaha.. well.. I've been to some places.. luckily.. I think I'll share to you what I think of traveling.. what I like and dislike.. and such.. fuhh.. alright, here we... GO!

Traveling.. for me, travelling is all about having fun.. and another thing, traveling for me specifically means to go abroad.. I know, I know.. But , Cia! When you go to Jogja or such, it's also called traveling, you dummy.. I KNOW! But, the thing is, me and my family.. hate Indonesia.. I mean, traveling around Indonesia? it's just not my Dad's thing.. you know what I'm sayin'? hahahah.. My Dad, he doesn't care about the history of Indonesia, the culture, or things regarding that.. while me and my mum.. we like those stuffs, I think history is incredibly important, not to mention fun to learn :D.. But.. because my Dad is the one who works and earns money, thus he is the one who decides where we go, when.. and WHY.. hahahah.. 'kay? get it? gooood.... now, let's move on :)

Traveling, is tiring, as I've mentioned in the title.. why? well, because.. first of all, you have to pack.. pack and pack .. in packing, you have steps that you have to follow, or you're screw.. First, you have to pick your clothes that make you look good, next, you have to pick from all your soaps, shampoos, conditioners, you name it! You need it for your bath and such.. also, don't forget your medication,.. "ANTAANGIN JRG" I really reccomend it.. also you need aspirins , when you have headaches in the plane or ship.. "PANADOL" wow.. and also, you need to bring your phone charger.. wow! wow! It may look simple, but these things are crucial! Imagine if you forgot to bring your phone charger.. SWT!! ( as you say in Surabaya ).. in a few days, your phone will DIE.. hahaha.. I mean.. the battery won't last and you'll be left stranded :) with no communication device whatsoever.. hahahah.. Oh, the last procedure to finish packing is.. to jump on your suitcase so that all of those things I mentioned fit in neatly.. hhaahaha.. make sure you buy a really reliable suitcase to withstand.. you.. hahaha.. and a lock, for the finishing touch :D

Right!! I think that's it for the downside of travelling, don't you think? hahahah.. apart from the stress caused by counting the money you must prepare for the trip.. anything else is just minor distraction.. hahahaha...

Okay, the grrrreat thing about traveling! You can "bond" even better with your partners, or in my case, my family! If you travel, you have to be near each other, like,.. umm.. in the public transportations, like the bus and such.. you have to be close, or .. you'll be forgotten because everyone else is all pumped up and can't wait to go to the next destination of the trip! Then , you're really be screw.. hahahaha... And usually if you travel, you stay at a hotel or an apartment and such, which is relatively small and you have to crunch yourself to.. some kind of yoga pose.. for everyone to fit in the bed.. hahaha.. For me, usually my dad sleeps on the couch.. poor dad.. :P So, you're forced to communicate with each other and get along with each other.. 'cause, if you don't, then a punishment will come from a being that goes by the name.. MUM!!! " SHUT UP! IF YOU DON'T SLEEP IN 5 MINUTES , GO SLEEP OUTSIDE! IT'S ALREADY FREAKIN' HOT AND UNCOMFY HERE, DON'T MAKE IT ANY WORSE.. ! NOW SLEEEEEEP!!!!!!!!! " And, you'll have no other choice than to just shut yer mouth and go to sleep with your most hateful and annoying sister and her bouncy bouncy hair next to you.. well.. you'll get used to it in time :}

Another good thing about traveling, is that, you can get lost! Right? It's not necessarily fun , but you get to see a drama about your Mum and Dad arguing about which way to go.. on top of that, you hear the BGM ( background music ) of the GPS ( I dunno what it stands for, but it's a devise from a satellite that shows you which way and road to take ) saying, " wrong way, wrong way, wrong way, turn right, 70 kms from destination, wrong way , .. " never ending humming.. I know.. It's jussst great.. You'll never get another chance like that if you don't travel, oops.. correction.. You'll never get another chance like that if you don't travel to a country you don't even know it exists, with a rental car your dad rented in the internet, which is complete with a GPS on the dashboard that you can't even turn off, with your Mum who is clueless reading a map upside down, and your Dad who is driving and being a smart-one by following his own intuition and refusing to ask help from locals about direction.. Oh! Not to mention your sisters.. oooh.. your lovely sisters.. who can't seem to stop chanting, " Are we there yet? Are we there yet? " , and the other one who cries and cries, because it's already dark and she thinks that Snow White and Cinderella has already left.. OMG!! And then there's me.. with my blank face mode on.. listening to my useless iPod.. while sitting in a car that went round and around.. no destination at all.. what a great way to travel you say? of course!! That's exactly why , I HIGHLY reccomend that you refuse to go by tour or hire a tour guide.. COME ON!! Where's the fun in that!?!?! Wouldn't you rather get totally lost in the way to a very fun destination?? hahahaha.. well.. if you're a bit nuts like me, then.. no doubt about it, you'll enjoy it 1000000%!! hahahaha...

Okay.. that's about travelling.. I hope you have a different picture about travelling now! Remember, it's not just fun and games.. it's full of risks and broken suitcases.. hahahaha... 3 down, 1 to GO!!!