Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Travel.. ooohh... tiring but fun :D

Yup! Traveling!!!!!!! Who doesn't like travelling, raise your hand!! YOU!! Wait, I can't see you.. hahahaha.. well.. I've been to some places.. luckily.. I think I'll share to you what I think of traveling.. what I like and dislike.. and such.. fuhh.. alright, here we... GO!

Traveling.. for me, travelling is all about having fun.. and another thing, traveling for me specifically means to go abroad.. I know, I know.. But , Cia! When you go to Jogja or such, it's also called traveling, you dummy.. I KNOW! But, the thing is, me and my family.. hate Indonesia.. I mean, traveling around Indonesia? it's just not my Dad's thing.. you know what I'm sayin'? hahahah.. My Dad, he doesn't care about the history of Indonesia, the culture, or things regarding that.. while me and my mum.. we like those stuffs, I think history is incredibly important, not to mention fun to learn :D.. But.. because my Dad is the one who works and earns money, thus he is the one who decides where we go, when.. and WHY.. hahahah.. 'kay? get it? gooood.... now, let's move on :)

Traveling, is tiring, as I've mentioned in the title.. why? well, because.. first of all, you have to pack.. pack and pack .. in packing, you have steps that you have to follow, or you're screw.. First, you have to pick your clothes that make you look good, next, you have to pick from all your soaps, shampoos, conditioners, you name it! You need it for your bath and such.. also, don't forget your medication,.. "ANTAANGIN JRG" I really reccomend it.. also you need aspirins , when you have headaches in the plane or ship.. "PANADOL" wow.. and also, you need to bring your phone charger.. wow! wow! It may look simple, but these things are crucial! Imagine if you forgot to bring your phone charger.. SWT!! ( as you say in Surabaya ).. in a few days, your phone will DIE.. hahaha.. I mean.. the battery won't last and you'll be left stranded :) with no communication device whatsoever.. hahahah.. Oh, the last procedure to finish packing is.. to jump on your suitcase so that all of those things I mentioned fit in neatly.. hhaahaha.. make sure you buy a really reliable suitcase to withstand.. you.. hahaha.. and a lock, for the finishing touch :D

Right!! I think that's it for the downside of travelling, don't you think? hahahah.. apart from the stress caused by counting the money you must prepare for the trip.. anything else is just minor distraction.. hahahaha...

Okay, the grrrreat thing about traveling! You can "bond" even better with your partners, or in my case, my family! If you travel, you have to be near each other, like,.. umm.. in the public transportations, like the bus and such.. you have to be close, or .. you'll be forgotten because everyone else is all pumped up and can't wait to go to the next destination of the trip! Then , you're really be screw.. hahahaha... And usually if you travel, you stay at a hotel or an apartment and such, which is relatively small and you have to crunch yourself to.. some kind of yoga pose.. for everyone to fit in the bed.. hahaha.. For me, usually my dad sleeps on the couch.. poor dad.. :P So, you're forced to communicate with each other and get along with each other.. 'cause, if you don't, then a punishment will come from a being that goes by the name.. MUM!!! " SHUT UP! IF YOU DON'T SLEEP IN 5 MINUTES , GO SLEEP OUTSIDE! IT'S ALREADY FREAKIN' HOT AND UNCOMFY HERE, DON'T MAKE IT ANY WORSE.. ! NOW SLEEEEEEP!!!!!!!!! " And, you'll have no other choice than to just shut yer mouth and go to sleep with your most hateful and annoying sister and her bouncy bouncy hair next to you.. well.. you'll get used to it in time :}

Another good thing about traveling, is that, you can get lost! Right? It's not necessarily fun , but you get to see a drama about your Mum and Dad arguing about which way to go.. on top of that, you hear the BGM ( background music ) of the GPS ( I dunno what it stands for, but it's a devise from a satellite that shows you which way and road to take ) saying, " wrong way, wrong way, wrong way, turn right, 70 kms from destination, wrong way , .. " never ending humming.. I know.. It's jussst great.. You'll never get another chance like that if you don't travel, oops.. correction.. You'll never get another chance like that if you don't travel to a country you don't even know it exists, with a rental car your dad rented in the internet, which is complete with a GPS on the dashboard that you can't even turn off, with your Mum who is clueless reading a map upside down, and your Dad who is driving and being a smart-one by following his own intuition and refusing to ask help from locals about direction.. Oh! Not to mention your sisters.. oooh.. your lovely sisters.. who can't seem to stop chanting, " Are we there yet? Are we there yet? " , and the other one who cries and cries, because it's already dark and she thinks that Snow White and Cinderella has already left.. OMG!! And then there's me.. with my blank face mode on.. listening to my useless iPod.. while sitting in a car that went round and around.. no destination at all.. what a great way to travel you say? of course!! That's exactly why , I HIGHLY reccomend that you refuse to go by tour or hire a tour guide.. COME ON!! Where's the fun in that!?!?! Wouldn't you rather get totally lost in the way to a very fun destination?? hahahaha.. well.. if you're a bit nuts like me, then.. no doubt about it, you'll enjoy it 1000000%!! hahahaha...

Okay.. that's about travelling.. I hope you have a different picture about travelling now! Remember, it's not just fun and games.. it's full of risks and broken suitcases.. hahahaha... 3 down, 1 to GO!!!


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