Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What should I do??? No more topics??!?!

So far, I've done Family, Friends and also Traveling.. that leaves me with.. nothing! What? How could.. ? Well.. after thinking for oooh so long.. ( about 30 seconds ), I've decided to go with another post about... ALL OF THEM! For the first part, I think I'll write about the incident where Tasya really made me wanna rip my head apart!! And then.. well.. Oh! about the incident in KL .. that's about traveling.. right? RIGHT! And the last part.. hmm.. if I'm not to tired.. I'll write about a childhood "friend" that.. ooh.. makes you go woo hoo.. Okay! Let's Start!

Okay, So, if you've read the blog about my family, surely you'll notice.. only a hint.. of me , not liking my last sister, Tasya.. ( Only a bit.. not much .. :D ) What started it? What triggered my hate for her?? hmm.. wanna know? of course you DO! hahahah... okay.. so, when she was about 2 years, I think,.. my father had a client from Singapore and he went there for a week or so.. When he finally went back home, I was the first one to greet him, " welcome home! " like that.., you know what he said? " yeah yeah, I'm home.. "WHAT?!? At first, I thought he was extremely tired, to reply to my lovely greeting , but as I began to look closely, he wasn't holding his usual suitcase, he was holding 2 bags of Kiddy Tots , a really really big one.. ! Then , what did he do?!?!?! He went STRAIGHT to Tasya's room and says really motherly? (?!?!) " Hi Tasya... I'm Home!!! " WHAAAAAAAAAAT THEEEE HEEEEEELLLL!!!! And you know what he does next? He showers her with presents!! 3!! I repeat, 3!!! Let me remember.. hmm.. the first one is the ball that can sing annoyingly if you touch it, the next one is the spiral.. ball .. thingy.. I don't know! and the last one is.. a plush toy? If I'm not mistaken!! My jaws literally dropped to the floor! I've never gotten 3 toys at once! Not ever!! But then, I thought, Oh! If my father bought HER 3 things, that means I got something too! So, I asked him, you know what he replied? "Oh, I've bought you a supply of CETAPHIL ( me and Fanny need it for our dry skin ) soap for a year, so that you won't run out of it." ... WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!!! She!! She!! She got 3 really nice toys, and what do I got???!?!?! Soaps. For a year. It's too funny!!!!!! OMG!!!!

Okay, so that's why I really can't stand my sister!!! GRRRRRHHH!!! ahahahahah..!!! the weird thing is, Fanny ( my first sister ) didn't mind getting a bunch of soaps for souvenirs?? She's an air head.. hahahah.. or maybe.. too nice .. like me :D hahahahah..

Right! The next story!! Lets move on!! Okay, this is about when we traveled to Malaysia, to Kuala Lumpur to be exact.. in.. umm 2006? yup yup.. okay, so we went there, me, my parents, my 2 sisters and her babysitter.. how nice.. a maid gets to go to KL?? wao! hahahah.. well anyway.. One day, we decided to check out a mall called KLCC ( Kuala Lumpur.. C .. something.. ) well, enough about that, so, the mall was really really big, it had 7 floors? yup.. and at 2, we've gone through almost all the floors and we were excruciatingly suffering from hunger.. hahahah.. too exaggerating? well.. that's what my teacher told me to do, right? hahahah.. okay, so, we decided to stop and to have lunch before our hearts and livers suffer further complications ( hahahah.. :P ) , The thing is, me and my sister wanted to eat Japanese.. because we LOOOVE Japanese.. so nice.. ehem! My parents are SICK of Japanese food, as we eat it almost everyday whenever we go travelling, so my parents wanted to eat European food.. so, we decided to split up.. so that no blood will be spilt in KL.. hahahah.. so, my Dad gave me and my sister money and also, he gave Tasya's maid money too.. Oh! Tasya has to eat porridge so she has to eat Chinese... The Chinese restaurant were near the Japanese one, where me and my sister planned to eat.. so there.. my parents walked off and me and my sister ran to the restaurants as our stomach constantly made disturbing noises such as " UURGGH .. PUUUNG.. " I can't really describe it in words, can I? :) Anyway, fastforwarding.. Me , Fanny and my parents meet up at the Japanese restaurant after we finished lunch.. but we can't seem to find Tasya and her maid!! What!! OMG!! I knoW!!! We searched for almost 2 hours! Looking in each possible floor! Me and my sister, Fanny, we parted our jobs, I was to look in the 4th until the 7th floor, while Fanny, the 1st until the 3rd floor.. My mum and dad were busy filling in registration in the information centre.. My mum panicked and was utterly shocked! Poor mummy.. well, to make the long story short :D.. We finally found them.. you know where they were?? They were at the hotel!! Because they tried to go to the European restaurant where my parents were eating, but they got lost instead and by the time they got back to the Chinese restaurant, we were all busy in the information booth! Fuuh.. so much for KLCC.. :D

Okay! It turns out that I'm not that tired!! So.. I'm gonna continue on the last story!! About my childhood "friend".. He's a boy.. I'm sure that everyone from my Junior High School knows this guy.. 'coz.. he is like.. umm.. how to put it.. WEIRD in every single way..!!! Actually me.. and mr. X.. ehem.. we go wayyyy.. wayy... back in kindergarden.. oh! I went to kindergarden twice! Because my age wasn't enough to go to Elementary School.. so.. okay then.. back to mr. X.. he is smart.. I can say that.. because.. to be blunt.. he is .. a nerd. He always puts in his shirt more than needed! And he does that even outside school.. it's .. just too embarassing.. and that's not the major problem.. THE MAJOR PROBLEM.. is that he likes to.. FART and PICK HIS NOSE IN PUBLIC!! OMG!! What has gotten into this guy!!!!! I remember that me and my close guy friends used to tease and bully him everyday!! We called him.. umm.. KING BOOGEY.. and .. we like to use sarcasm towards him! Like.. " Eww.. you have no shame huh?" or "WOW!That's a really cool thing " or such! hahahah.. but! It's not that we're mean or something.. it's just that.. we've tried to tell him numerous times already that what he does is TOTALLY GROSS!!! EWWW.. The Gross-est part is!! That after he picks his nose, he swabs his fingers ON THE WALL!!! OH MY!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT THE!!!!!! THAT IS simply!! Unacceptable !! That's.. uuugh.. really really gross, right? That's why .. WE have the right to bully and tease him!! hahahah.. no no.. just joking.. eww.. really gross.. please.. people PEOPLE!! It's ALLOWED to pick your nose.. but PLEASE! Do it somewhere people CAN'T SEE YOU!! And AlSO!! WASH YOUR HANDS THROUGHLY AFTER THAT! DON'T SWAB IT ON THE WALL TO CLEAN YOUR FRIGGIN' HANDS!!!! guuuh... I think I've let it out really well, haven't I? hahahaha... Well.. unfortunately.. this .. Mr. X went to a different high school.. so I can't tease nor I can bully him anymore.. hahahaha.. which is a great thing.. because I can do less sin.. hahahahah.. :D

OKAAAAAYYY>>>>... May I say that the last 2 and a half hours I've worked on the blog has been fun.. hahahahah.. not to mention shockingly tiring.. I haven't even taken a shower.. I'm still in my school uniform.. for your information.. hahahah.. Right.. Thank you! English Teacher.. for assigning this incredibly fun task! I mean it! It's better than to make grammar tasks or boring stuffs like that .. for me! :D THANK YOU!! God Bless You ALL!!!!


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